Fairy Tale Competition 2018

Chapter I - The Unknown Self

Time is the thief. I have known this for a long time. I have always thought that my physical body is rotting and decaying. My own spirit carries the memory and travels through time in the universe. Perhaps the time that I am experiencing right now has been encapsulated from the past. It is simply replayed again and again in different scenes and locations.

Who am I? A question for which I have no answer, yet a question that repeats. My curiosity longs for the answer. I can no longer live in the midst of all this without knowing anything about myself. After a prolonged contemplation, I decided to go on a journey to find out the nature of who I am.

Chapter II - Let’s Unify Everything

I walked through woods and crossed rivers. I arrived in a town.

After a much-needed sleep, I opened my eyes. A lumpy white ceiling engulfed the entire periphery of my vision. The noise from the streets pulled me towards the window. There was an air balloon crossing the sky, and something seemed to be falling down. I decided to walk out. Flyers are dancing all over the sky. I grabbed the one that fell in front of me. An ordinary building was highlighted on the flying; it immediately caught my eye. A new building project is commencing, and they are looking for workers. For some reason that I cannot explain, I decided to join the workforce.

I arrived at the construction site the following day. I noticed that all the finished structures are identical. They are all rectangular in shape with a flat roof. The ground floors are public spaces, and the private units are on top. Everything is the same with no exception. Nothing is extraordinary, yet the atmosphere is cold and rigid. It feels like me, an ordinary person. I walk into the office and ask for a job. After an interview, they decided to let me start working right away and have a new name called K12-3710. I start working at the site days and nights. We follow the same schedule every day. Works will begin in the early morning, finish in the afternoon, watch TV at the night time at home, and get up again at the same time the following day. Everything is standard; nothing can get me excited, not even the completion of the construction.

I started questioning whether is this who I am? Is this who I am looking for, to follow what others have told me without hesitation or a second thought. I feel like I am becoming one of those buildings with a feeling of death and silence, so I decided to leave this place for good.

Chapter III - Walking on The Edge of Periphery

I am back on my journey.

After passing through a few small villages, a series of circular arches middle of the woods drew me towards them. As I approached the arches, a voice echoed in the air, “welcome traveller, you are about to enter the dream world. We welcome you to be a dreamer of dreams, a realm in which our subconscious emerges into forms. Be warned, do not lose yourself in the imaginaries.” I would like to dream. After explaining to the staff in the dream world, they lead me to a room with a helmet and bed. “Please come over, put on the helmet and lay down here, then you can start dreaming” I put on the helmet and lay down. Just right after making myself comfortable, I hear, “Three, two ...”

Suddenly my body got pulled down, and I was suddenly in free fall. I noticed that I was surrounded by cloud-like space. It feels so innocent and so pure. It should be decorated. My emotions and thoughts are leaking out of my body. They solidified into tangible pathways and steps. As more and more of my subconscious thinking came out of my mind, strange and massive structures were created. They look so sculptural, but they also feel light as a feather. I wonder whether they actually carry any weights of thoughts. Probably it should be tremendous and monumental. I keep diving into my dream for a million miles deep. My body gets more robust along with this realization. I never felt so energetic; I can see things with perfect vision, my muscles are built up strongly. Everything is powering up. I feel invincible, and this is incredible.

“Warning, warning. Power overflows. Warning, warning. Initiating emergency shutdown.” Unfortunately, I became so addicted to my dream that I completely ignored the warning. The dream starts collapsing, and the darkness is rapidly corroding the space.

It was out of control. The last scene I could remember was I fell down from the higher up.

Chapter IV - Wandering in The Abyss

I awoke on a pathway, more accurately a pathway that consists of lines. I sat up slowly and observed this space. It is beyond what I have known from the normal world. Pathways are extended along the wall and floor; the staircase leads you to the ceiling. Does this space actually make sense? I guess gravity does not apply in this dimension because I am upside down now.

I keep exploring those transitional spaces; it has already been a decade. I wonder, does an object only have one single purpose? Is a wall just a partition? Is a ceiling just a rooftop for shelter? Are floors only for stepping on? There isn’t a distinct definition in this dimension; everything is ambiguous. I start to reflect, then what is the purpose of this journey, and what am I actually looking for? A name, a title or a right choice. What am I expecting for the answer? I am worthless, this journey is meaningless, or I am always living in the uncertainty of time. Those questions keep amplifying in my mind.

Just another typical day, I was exploring these endless transitions one by one. While checking No. 212, I was gravitated and swollen by the entry.

Chapter V - Back to The Origin

I am floating. There are fragments of memories and time are surrounded me. I see a light source in the distance. Everything started from there. Like the primordial sound of the universe, the singular point sparked with the all-encompassing potential of totality. The form is ambiguous, and its implication is uncertain. It attracts me to reach forward.

I think I know who I am now. I am nothing. And for being nothing, I am everything.